Born out of passion for mixed media…
Addiction to art supplies…
And the need to share the love!

The Mixed Media Store (Australia) is the creation of professional mixed media artist, author & teacher, Mimi Bondi… Hang on… That’s meee!

Well hello lovely fellow artist, I’m so glad you found my store 🙂

Yes, it’s true, mixed media is my passion: I live and breathe it every day!
You’ll most often find me hiding in my studio, painting and experimenting in my art journal, painting anything from objects and art tags to canvasses of all sizes…
I love sharing my passion for mixed media by teaching workshop (online and in person), creating free video tutorials and writing art books… And finding ways to bring awesome supplies to you!

How did it all start, I hear you ask?

First of all, I think it’s a dream for most artists to have their own little shop, to be surrounded by shelves of exciting and colourful art supplies, isn’t it??
So when you add this little dream to being fed up with:
– Not being able to find a real Australian shop specialised in mixed media, art journalling and painting
– Getting ripped off when you do find the supplies you want or by expensive shipping from overseas
– Receiving mediocre customer service from shop owners who don’t bother emailing or calling you back, pack your orders badly and don’t let you know about out of stock items until after shipping your order…
What do you get? Unhappy artists who are limited by what they can do (that includes me)!

Since I always list all the supplies I use in my tutorials (but most of them were unfortunately from overseas), and since I was that unhappy artist, I decided to take the matter into my own little (paint covered) hands :).

I created the Mixed Media Store website from scratch (my experience in graphic and web design came in handy), researched all the things I could improve and all the products I could find for you, and vouched to provide the most loving and caring customer I possibly could.

So now, here we are!

If you are after:

  • Beautiful mixed media supplies at the lowest prices
  • Fast dispatch of your orders (actual shipping is usually quick too but that’s out of my hands
  • The best customer service: prompt response to your emails and phone calls, answer to your questions regarding products, listening to your suggestions (I promise to do my best always!)
  • The option to order products we don’t normally stock (email what you need here)
  • The option to place your order on hold so you can add to it later and save on postage
    And more…

You are in the right place! And now, let’s get you making art 😉

xx mimi

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