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Liquitex Basics Metallic Paint are beautiful, soft body acrylic paints that will retain peaks and brush strokes.
They contain permanent artist pigments and all colours dry to a satin finish so you can get truly metallic effect!
Each tube contains 118ml of gorgeous quality acrylic paint that will last you a long time as you need so little to produce beautiful results.
Add a little metallic paint to take your mixed media art from ‘nice’ to ‘wow!!’ 😉

What your Liquitex Basics Metallic Paint can do:

  • Impasto: Thick applications with brush stroke and knife marks
  • Traditional Acrylic Painting on canvas or panel, easy blending
  • Experimental Acrylic Painting
  • Collage and Mixed Media
  • Printmaking: Screen Printing, Mono Prints, Block Prints

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Mimi’s notes:
I cannot resist adding metallic shine (and in particular gold) on my art journal pages. It is almost like an addiction (but a good one of course)!!
And I’m afraid it may contagious as many of my students have told me they caught the bug too after watching my tutorial videos.

What do I love most the gorgeous Liquitex Basics Metallic Paint? How easy it to spread with my fingers (or brush) and how truly metallic it looks. Most brands have less pigments and don’t have a lot of shine but these do!

Stress release painting tutorial using gold paint by Mimi Bondi

(More info about this tutorial here)

Art journalling doesn’t have to be difficult and certainly not perfect.
If you are feeling a little stressed or off, simply open a blank page in your art journal and let loose!
Spread colour with your fingers, draw some loose lines with black acrylic ink and a thin brush to add a little definition to your shapes…
And finish by add a few brushstrokes of metallic paint, just to add a little shine and oomph! It doesn’t need to have anything more 🙂

Studio Time 35 – Stress release painting tutorial, PHEW! | Mimi Bondi


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