Jacquard Lumiere Halo Jewels Exciter Pack


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Imagine what you could do with the Lumiere exciter pack!

The Jacquard Lumiere Halo Jewels Exciter Pack is a set of nine Lumiere colours.
All colours are mica combined with pigments for stunning results. These paints are very durable and opaque. The metallic colours are highly reflective

The pearlescent colours in particular are made of white mica pigments and traditional pigments. They are vibrant and look stunning especially on a dark background!
Try it out for yourself: adding black gesso first on your art journal or canvas (or dark acrylic if you don’t have gesso), let dry, then brush on some magic 😉

The halo colours are made of metallic mica pigments and traditional pigments to produce 2 tone iridescent effects (yes!). They look particularly dimensional on dark background.

What’s in the pack?

The Exciter Pack contains 9 colours in 1/2 oz. sample sizes so you can try a few out without breaking the bank!

Colours included in the set are: halo blue gold, halo pink gold, halo violet gold, metallic russet, pearlescent emerald, pearlescent magenta, pearlescent turquoise, pewter and sunset gold.

You can use them on so many different surfaces: paper, wood, canvas, leather, fabric… so let your imagination run wild!

We’d love to see art you have created with the Lumiere paints so for a chance to be featured on this page, please contact us here with a link to your photos.

For larger jars of some of these Lumiere paints, please click here.

Mimi’s notes:
I’m so excited by this Exciter Pack which would make a great gift idea for a creative soul! You can create so many stunning colours and effects to make your art journals and mixed media paintings really shine…
This is a great way to test quite a few of the paints in the Jacquard range so make sure to try them on different surfaces to customise not only your art but also your shoes, bags and other accessories!


See how all the different Jacquard Lumiere paints look on raw, white and black canvas…

Watch this informative video by Jacquard showing you what the entire Lumiere range looks like on various canvas surfaces.

Jacquard's Lumiere Palette Demystified


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