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Add the WOW factor to your art with iridescent paint!

This iridescent paint is the perfect mixed media acrylic: it’s vivid, deep, full of rich pigments and permanent.

It is a heavy body acrylic meaning it has a thick consistency, and the paint will keep you brushstrokes and knife marks when you paint.

You can apply it on your finger straight from the tube and rub it over texture for a gorgeous iridescent shine.

This quality acrylic paint can be used on paper, canvas, board, wood, metal, and most other surfaces.

This Pebeo Acrylic paint dries to satin finish and cleans up with soap and water.

100ml tubes.

Pebeo Studio acrylic iridescent paint colour chart

2 new colours have arrived at the store... Red/Blue and Blue/Black!

2 new colours have arrived: Red/Blue and Blue/Black!

The range includes:

 4 iridescent paint colours: iridescent silver, iridescent gold, iridescent precious gold and iridescent copper
7 Dyna paint colours (iridescent colours formulated from interference pigments that allow the colours to change depending on the angle of light reflecting on the art piece.): iridescent orange yellow, iridescent red blue, iridescent violet blue, iridescent blue green, iridescent green blue, iridescent green yellow and iridescent blue black.

Dyna Paint and Iridescent Paint colour chart by Pebeo Studio, the best mixed media acrylic!

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Mimi’s notes:
You have seen me used these paints in my videos and in my book ‘No Shenanigans’.
I wouldn’t use anything else as I find the the colours in the Pebeo Studio Acrylic Iridescent Paint range just stunning!
The high viscosity allows me to precisely apply the paint exactly where I want to and I love creating thick texture then applying the paint with my fingers over the texture to highlight it.


Mimi Bondi mixed media collage tutorial with Pebeo Studio iridescent gold

(More info about this tutorial here)

  • Recycle your magazines by tearing up pieces of pretty patterns (such as the ones you always find in the beautiful Daphne Magazine)!
  • Glue them to your journal page or canvas with some gel medium and let dry.
  • Rub some paint over in soft patches of colour then use various stencils to add texture to your painting.
  • Don’t feel like you have to cover everything with something that will distract from the beauty of your background! Simply enhance it by rubbing a little metallic paint through a stencil to add a subtle and textured shimmery finish 🙂
Studio Time 32 – "Daphne's Diary" Magazine mixed media art tutorial with Mimi Bondi


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Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Precious Gold, Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Blue/Green, Iridescent Orange/Yellow, Iridescent Green/Yellow, Iridescent Green/Blue, Iridescent Violet/Blue, Iridescent Red/Blue, Iridescent Blue/Black

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