Dina Wakley Designer Art Bag (DISCONTINUED)

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An art bag designed for mixed media artists

This Dina Wakley Designer Art Bag is the perfect accessory for any mixed media artist!
Being creative, you of course love painting and drawing at home but you are not content with just sitting at home all day!
No… You love smelling fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and so do your art supplies…
Actually no, they would rather hide in the shade but being your best friend, they do want to follow you around wherever you go!
Of course you could just chuck them in any old bag but do you really want to do that and possibly get arrested by the Fashion Police?
Didn’t think so 😉

This product has been discontinued by Ranger.

Your new stylish art supply storage solution!

If you were looking for art bags that look good, we know the Dina Wakley Designer Art Bag will fit the bill…
Just look at the unique and different design on both sides!
It features Dina Wakley‘s very own mixed media artwork that is sure to inspire you to get your art on 🙂
The colours are vibrant and the design cheerful and funky!

Add a pretty and practical artist bag to your wardrobe!

By now you figured out that not only is this art bag going to look good in your hand but don’t forget that it has to be practical first.:

  • This Dina Wakley Designer Art Bag measures 14.5” L x 2.75” W x 4.5” H and the long rectangular shape means your mixed media supplies don’t have to sit on top of each other. Instead, when you open your bag, your Dylusions ink sprays, Liquitex paints and roll up pencil case (for example) will neatly sit next to each other.
    This means you can sit in the grass somewhere, see all your supplies in one go but also take them in and out without having to shuffle through a messy pile.
  • The bag is made of a strong and durable plastic material meaning it is not only durable, but also easily washable (awesome!).
  • It also features a chunky zipper and convenient handles ideal for taking your new funky art bag anywhere and at a moment’s notice 🙂

Mimi’s notes:
I love these bags as they are just the perfect size to take all my art goodies when I travel or when I go to the beach!
Let’s face it, I don’t really tan (I just go from ‘white’ to ‘not so white’) so instead of frying in the sun…
I set myself under a beach umbrella with my art journal, pens, stamps and a few tubes of paint, which all fit in one of these bags 😉


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