Beautiful Faces Book by Jane Davenport

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Beautiful Faces Book by Jane Davenport

This Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces book is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to draw and paint beautiful, fashion illustration-style faces!

Author Jane Davenport is a beloved Australian artist, and popular international workshop instructor known by her thousands of students and fans for her over-the-top, enthusiastic, happy and encouraging style.

In her Beautiful Faces Book, she guides you step-by-step through the foundations of drawing a face, developing successful features, creating skin tones, playing with bright colours, shading, highlighting and much more as you learn to create amazing mixed media portraits.

Master a variety of techniques that employ pencil, marker, pen, watercolour, acrylic paint, ink, pastel, and ephemera as you happily dance your way through the exercises in this brilliant guide!

Editorial Reviews

“From an upbeat, lighthearted point of view, this workbook, written by working artist and art educator Davenport, encourages readers to get in touch with their creativity through drawing female faces in whimsical styles. The guide first provides a lengthier than average discussion of a wide variety of art materials, then plunges into easy to follow, step-by-step exercises. Individual steps are numbered and text is used to describe in detail the action of the pencil, pen, or brush. Davenport uses her fashion illustration background as a jumping-off point. Simplified styles of drawing prevail, but the author still takes on anatomy and underlying facial structure, explaining how to represent them convincingly in two dimensions. Sections on mixed media and collage offer advice for the reader on spontaneity. VERDICT Younger readers, especially teen girls, will enjoy this book most.” – Library Journal

“For anyone who has longed to draw faces, Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport will make your dreams a reality. Full of step-by-step exercises, this finely crafted book will help you create dramatic eyes, lighting, hair, and more. Discover all of Davenport’s favorite materials for creating mixed-media portraits, as well as when and how she uses them. The most difficult part of drawing faces is balancing and placing features, but Davenport offers guidelines to format any face, even when tilted or angled. You will be creating dramatic mixed-media portraits by the end of this book.” – Cloth Paper Scissors

About Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport is an internationally recognised artist, best-selling author and the creative director for her extensive collection of Art supplies.

Jane started her creative career as a fashion illustrator and the evidence of her Parisian training lingers in her elongated figures. Davenport’s whimsical, imaginative work has since been featured in a diverse array of media including major motion pictures.

As an online teacher, in her own online Art School, exhibition appearances and her Escape Artist Retreats, Davenport has enabled tens of thousands of creative people from all around the world to embrace their innate artistic selves and accelerate their progression.

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