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We don’t use these makeup sponges for making ourselves pretty but to make our mixed media art pretty!

From art journal to canvas, they are so very useful to apply paint through stencils to create a soft but clear impression, without seeping through the other side (that will happen if you put too much paint though!).

They are even handy for cleaning stencils: lay your stencil flat under warm running water for a moment then use the makeup sponge to gently remove the paint.

They will last you a while if you wash them before paint dries on them…
If that happens, or if they are just starting to get too used up, simply snip off the bad bit with scissors and you’re good to go again (and you can also cut them down to your preferred size with scissors as they are very soft).

5 sponges in a pack.

Mimi’s notes:
You’ve seen plenty of my tutorials so you know I ALWAYS use makeup sponges for stencilling. And sometimes for spreading paint on my pages 😉
Get some, I know you will love them too as they are such a great little tool to have for mixed media!


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