Pipettes for your liquid acrylics & inks (pack of 5)


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Transfer your liquid acrylics, inks, watercolours easily!

No need to get your hands dirty or risk spilling anything all over your art table anymore ūüėČ
Just use pipettes!

How do you use pipettes?

Super easy!
Dip the pointy end into your liquid (water, watercolour, ink, liquid acrylic, perfume, oils and so on), squeeze the ‘bulby’ top part to create a vaccum that will draw the liquid into the pipette.
Release the top, remove the pipette from your bottle. To release the liquid, simply squeeze the top part again.
To wash them, simply rinse them in your sink, drawing and releasing water until it runs clear.

What do you get?

You are purchasing a pack of 5 reusable pipettes. Each one is approx. 15.5cm long, has a capacity of 3ml and is made of clear soft plastic.

Mimi’s notes:
I don’t know how I transferred ANY liquid before discovering pipettes! Oh hang on, I remember, I would clumsily try to line up the top of one bottle with another, resulting in having liquid spill all over. Yikes!
I love use these pipettes to draw liquid acrylics, Dylusions Inks and India inks from their¬†bottle and drop little puddles onto mixed media paper. Then I spritz the puddles with water and watch¬†the colours spread and mingle. It’s sooo much fun and creates a super easy and beautiful abstract background!

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