Jo Sonja Opal Dust Glitter Effect


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Add a sprinkle of Opal Dust for a touch of magic in your mixed media!

Jo Sonja Opal Dust is a water based acrylic gel that contains tiny light reflecting, holographic particles creating an interplay of colours reminiscent of rare gems.

Use alone, or with any acrylic paint colour to create stunning glitter effects on most surfaces without yellowing.

8.4oz/250ml bottle.

Mimi’s notes:
OH MY GOD! If you want amazing, light reflecting glitter then this is amazing! I have been using it for years…
The particles have different sizes (from tiny specks to small dots) which is perfect to create an organic effect.
I love spreading it all over my art journal pages and paintings, directly with my fingers or with a brush.
The gel dries completely invisible, leaving stunning ‘opal dust’ behind… Just gorgeous!

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