Carabelle Studio School Square Texture Plate (Art Printing)


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Carabelle Studio School Square Texture Plate (Art Printing)

This Carabelle Studio School square texture plate (also called ‘Art Printing‘) made by Gel Press a thin rubber unmounted stamp you can use:

  • To make awesome impressions in polymer clay (roll it through your pasta machine)
  • As a stamp with ink and paint in your mixed media journal, greeting cards and art tags
  • To create fun texture when gel printing: just press the texture plate into wet paint on your gel plate
  • With your embossing machine for even more possibilities!

This square art printing plate is very flexible: just press parts of the design by hand wherever you need a little texture on your art journal pages or gel plate!

Carabelle Studio art printing plates are made in France and have truly unique and original designs, created by mixed media artists (this was was created by Ana Bondu).

Texture plates are easy to clean and store: simply immerse them in water!
This one measures approx. 16.5 x 16.5 cm (6.5 x 6.5 in).
If you wanted to make the plate more rigid like a regular stamp, you could simply glue it to a piece of wood.

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In this video, Ana Bondu shows you exactly what the art printing texture plates look and feel like, compares them to stamps and shows you fun ways to use them in your art!


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