Gel Printing Starter Kit


Gelli Printing Plate 8x10 in by Gel Press


Gel Press Brayer 4in for gel printing

In stock

White cardstock for gelli printing & painting A4 (5 sheets)

In stock

Carabelle Studio Composition with the Hearts Texture Plate (Art Printing)

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Raindrops Stencil 6x6in

Out of stock

MMS Hearts Stencil 6x6in

In stock

Round Flower Mask 3

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Gel Printing Starter Kit

The basic supplies you need to get started with gel printing are included in this gel printing starter kit!
Whether you want to start with this totally fun hobby or want to find the perfect present for a loved one, this kit would make a terrific gift for any budding artist of any age. Gel printing does not require any previous art experience!
The process is always fun and unique, give it a try 😉

This gel printing kit includes:

  • 1 x Gel Printing Plate 8x10in
  • 1 x Brayer
  • 5 x sheets of cardstock ideal for gelli printing
  • 10 x deli paper sheets (lots of fun to gelli printing on then use for collage)
  • 1 x Texture plate
  • 3 x Stencils

The contents of this kit are worth worth $95 but you are getting an awesome deal at only $84.95 – that’s more than 10% off all items!!

When you are ready to add to your collection, add a few more texture plates, stencils and gel printing plates of different sizes so you can gradually increase your fun and skills 😉

Please note: This kit is designed to give you an easy way to get the basic supplies needed to start gelli printing so the contents of this kit cannot be swapped or changed. The items detailed on this page are the items you will receive (they may differ from the main photo).

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Gelli Printing Plate 8x10 in by Gel Press


Gelli Printing Plate 8×10 in


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