Jane Davenport Inkredible Pen Mermaid Scale


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Jane Davenport Inkredible Pen Mermaid Scale

This Inkredible Pen Mermaid Scale by Jane Davenport is the perfect drawing tool to complete your masterpiece!

This traditional looking fountain pen comes with easy-to-use ink cartridges while its fine tip creates precise and accurate lines.

It also makes a great gift for art enthusiasts ūüėČ

This product has been discontinued, grab the last one while you still can!!


  • Refill instruction included (also find them below).
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236


  • 3 ink cartridges : black, water-reactive ink
  • 1 converter cartridge : load your own dye-based inks!
  • 1 INKredible Pen!

Watch the video below for more details (showing the black Inkredible pen)!


INKredible pen tips

  • Once you have put in the first cartridge, make sure to tap the pen (on your hand) to encourage the ink to come out. This may take a few taps ūüėČ
  • Keep your pen clean with a soft cloth.
  • Store flat or with the nib up.
  • Always recap the pen properly when not in use
  • Only load fountain-pen friendly, dye-based inks into the converter cartridge (read labels and if they say suitable for use in a fountain pen, you will be fine) –¬†Mermaid Marker ink is a dye based ink, hooray!

Do not use:

Acrylic-based inks,¬†Carbon inks,¬†Mineral based inks,¬†India inks,¬†Opaque white inks…¬†They will most likely clog the pen.

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