Stylish Napkins (x3) for collage


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Stylish Napkins

Stylish Napkins to create gorgeous collages in your art journal pages and mixed media art without breaking a sweat!
The set contains 3 x napkins (1 x Black & White Leaves, 1 x Purple & Lime Flowers, 1 x Green Geometric).
Perfect to add a little texture really easily šŸ™‚

Stylish Napkins - Set of 3 - Perfect for mixed media collages

PLEASE NOTE: We have very limited stock so once this set runs out, it will not be available anymore.

How to use these geometric napkins in your art

Most napkins have 3 layers of super thin paper. All you need to do is:
– Peel the first layer away, then the second layer (discard them or reuse them to clean your brushes and fingers!)
– You are left with the printed layer which is now as thin as tissue paper.
– Cut the section that you want to use (or use the whole sheet), preferably by tearing it by hand to give it a more organic look (scissors will give you very straight lines which are harder to hide).
– Apply some gel medium on your surface, lay the napkin over it then brush on more gel medium over it to seal it. Be gentle to avoid getting too many wrinkles but don’t worry, a few are ok! You are creating handmade art šŸ˜‰
– Now you are ready to paint around or over to incorporate it with your other elements!

Make sure to email us a photo of what you created with this pretty set of Stylish Napkins!

Mixed media tutorial with napkins

View the full blog post here!

Studio Time 44 – There Are Always Flowers | mixed media tutorial | Mimi Bondi

Instructions by Mimi Bondi

Here are the steps I took for this pretty flowers mixed media page spread:

  1. I started on a page spread already full of leftover paint and stamp prints from previous painterly adventures so I already had a background to play with, yippee!
  2. I decided to add a little texture to it by using a pretty ‘Moroccan tiles’ pattern from the Geometric Napkins set. I removed the backing layers untilĀ I was left with the slightly transparent printed layer.
  3. I tore some pieces by hand, removing the edges so I didn’t get any straight lines (to be fair, the paper is so thin at that stage that straight lines may not even show through once glued!).
  4. I applied gel medium below the paper pieces to glue them, and on top to seal them. Loving the funky design already!
  5. Next I applied some light green paint, then mauve then hot pink to bring everything together and add gorgeous colours…
  6. Using a texture sheet with various patterns on it (and some ink), I created interestingĀ elements by pressing it onto my pages in different sections.
  7. A little more paint, this time light turquoise…
  8. Then some really fine script using a Carabelle Studio stamp (see below for where to buy it from). Love how it gives you the idea of secret letters written in the background without being legible!
  9. Now let’s get to the focal points: pretty flowers! I created them with a stencil and some white gesso to make sure they would pop from the page, without feeling too separated from the background.
  10. Using a white gel pen I added a little more definition to the flowers by hand drawing thin stems and leaves – there are there without being the first thing you notice…
  11. … And the special quote by Henri Matisse *There Are Always Flowers for Those Who Want to See Them* (so true and beautifully said!) using a black marker pen.
  12. My art journal spread didn’t need much to feel complete so I did was add gold paint fairly thick around the edges and in the centre of the flower for a little shine and… Voila! šŸ™‚


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