Speedball Speedy Carve 6×12 in Block for Stamp Carving


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Speedy Carve 6×12 by Speedball in is a revolutionary pink eraser-like material that makes carving a breeze!

It’s flexible, durable, and will not crack, crumble, or break.

Use it to hand carve your own stamps to make your art journal pages and mixed media paintings truly unique!


Mimi’s notes:
This is the ONLY carving material I use and recommend. It is soft but durable and flexible. It will not crack or break like an eraser.
I find it very easy to work with and that’s why that is the only carving material we sell in this store.
This block may seem big but I promise that once you try it out, you will want to carve a lot more stamps so I know it won’t get wasted 😉

Use the excellent Speedball Stamp Carving Cutter Tool to carve your stamps!


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