StencilGirl Deconstructed Chrysanthemum Stencil & Mask 6×6 in


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The StencilGirl Deconstructed Chrysanthemum Stencil & Mask was designed by Traci Bautista and inspired by the beautiful lines of the chrysanthemum flower.

This collection is inspired by Traci’s love of florals and the beautiful blossoms she encounters on her daily explorations…
On walks, she records the beautiful blossoms through pictures and sketches. Then she uses these photos as inspiration and “deconstructs” the floral shapes in paintings and sketches.

The stencils are meant to be used as separate elements or in combination along with both the mask and outside stencil shapes to build colourful floral layers in your art.

When you receive the stencil and mask they will be connected in just a few spots. Use an Stanley knife or scissors to cut it apart so that you have 2 pieces to use in your art.

StencilGirl stencils are very hard to find in Australia so grab one now!

Can’t see the design you really wanted? Let us know which one right here and we may be able to get it in for you 😉

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Product Details: This is a 6 x 6 in stencil, made of 7 mil mylar stencil that is thick enough to be durable and long lasting, yet thin enough to provide a seamless look in your art. Made in the USA.

Mixed media art created with StencilGirl Deconstructed Chrysanthemum Stencil 

Mixed media art by Mimi Bondi with StencilGirl Deconstructed Chrysanthemum Stencil

Mixed media art by Mimi Bondi with StencilGirl Deconstructed Chrysanthemum Stencil


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