Nicholson’s Peerless Watercolours Pretty in Pink Set


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Peerless Watercolours: what makes them different?

Nicholson’s Peerless Watercolours Pretty in Pink Set is the most convenient form yet devised to keep colours clean and available for instant use!!

These 6 pinks are not found in any of the other sets!

The colour sheet for each one is a heavy film of highly concentrated pure colour of intense strength and absolute solubility.
The colour is coated on one side of a special paper fabric that readily discharges when it comes into contact with water or any soluble mixture.

This makes Peerless Watercolours the thinnest and lightest watercolour paints you’ll ever find!

Peerless Watercolours Complete Edition Colour Chart

The Peerless Watercolours Pretty in Pink Set has 6 colour sheets (2 x 6 in).
All six of these colours are sold exclusively in this Pretty In Pink colour set.
Colours included in this set: Lip Smackin’ Pink, Blush Rose Pink, Carnation Pink, Bubble Gum, Mixed Berry, Garnet.nicholson-peerless-watercolours-logo
Now all you need is some watercolour paper or mixed media paper and a water brush, and you’ re all set!

How about this super easy and thoughtful arty gift idea:
– Get a Prima Marketing Watercolour Colouring book, a set of Peerless watercolours and water brushes
– Pop them into a nice little carry pouch
– Add colourful ribbons on the zipper pull
– Wrap the lot in colourful gift wrapping paper or cello…
And voila! A gorgeous present your friend will cherish for a long time. And a great way to make someone discover the joy of being creative, even if they say they’re not 😉

Mimi’s notes:
What an incredible way to have watercolours at your fingertips at ALL times!
Make your own little palette and insert it into your planner, barely taking the space of a divider. Incredible.
The sheets in this Complete Edition set are so big and so pigmented that you can cut each one into 4 squares and therefore, create 4 palettes to have everywhere (one in the studio, one in your handbag/art bag, one at your parents’ when you visit… and maybe one to give away to a friend?).

Peerless Watercolours Tutorials


1. How to make a simple travel palette for your Peerless Watercolours!


2. Peerless Watercolour Storage & Card tutorial using a stamp and heat embossing (Jennifer McGuire Ink)


3. Kristina Werner shares a card made using Peerless Watercolours


 4. Watercolour Burst Card with Scraps & Stamps

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